Type Moon plans for 2024: From Remasters, Movies and more!

The Type Moon franchise has seen quite some action in late 2023 and it’s not going to stop now that we’re near the middle of 2024. Through official works as well as fan efforts, a lot of the important entries of the Nasuverse are finally seeing some action.

Type Moon: What did 2023 has brought us

2023 has definitely being an interesting year for the Fate series fans, with a sneak peak to the 2024 projects but also long awaited releases for many fans. First of all Fate/Samurai Remnant released back in 29th September 2023 has brought a new entry in the Fate series. A game with the hack&slash action of Dynasty Warriors along with a new subcategory of the Holy Grail War, The Waxing Moon Ritual. A solid game with a positive response, with a diverse cast of characters and most importantly Servants. From new Servants to returning fan favourites. We have: Miyamoto Musashi in her Berserk form, Tamamo Aria of the Tamamo Nine and the iconic Gilgamesh in his Ruler form.

Continuing with the games after having been converted and translated in English for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, 2012’s Witch On the Holy Night (Mahōtsukai no Yoru) has finally seen a Steam and global release on the 14th December 2023. Bringing an updated translation of what many fans refers as Kinoko Nasu most important work. A visual novel that focus on the character of Aoko Aozaki, often making cameos in other works. Focusing on her teenage years and development as a Magus/Magician.

Concluding with the fan curated project as the English fan translation for Fate Extra CCC, completed by Iwakura Production on 8th December 2023. Finally making all the games in the Extraverse available for the English speaking audience. A great work from the team, for one of the most disinhibited Fate games out there. One that manages to expand upon certain aspects of the story left missing in Extra and Extella. While the Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanics still sucks, the overall story makes up for it. With great and charismatic characters t0 boot.

Type Moon entries for 2024

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Fate/Stay Night, Type Moon has hosted a special Stream on the 30th January 2024. A stream packed with content, guests and a shocking revelation. Nasu has finally capitulated and with an in-joke regarding him finally being able to share the same feelings of Archer. Announcing the official English Release for Fate/Stay Night. Coming on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024. We’re talking about a Remastered version based on the Realta Nua version, the modern release that does cut the adult content. While this important title has been translated not just in English but in many languages, it’s definitely a dream for many to finally see an official version.

But we’re not finished yet. In fact, Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is also seeing an English official translation. A complete remake of Nasu first Visual Novel, one that brings new story elements and different takes on the story. A High budget Visual Novel that has been enjoyed by many thanks to the work done by the team of Tsukihimates. Covering the Near Side portion of the story (Arcueid and Ciel). While with the sequel -The other side of red garden- covering the Far Side still in the works. Something that can be further enjoyed thanks to the reboot of the Melty Blood series as well. Coming later this year for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

And who could forget Fate Grand Order, the popular gacha based on the Nasu universe that continues to thrive after all these years. With new contents coming each patch. And most notably the recent Collab with Witch On The Holy Night, bringing the 3 main cast into the game. And upcoming content for Fate/Samurai Remnant.

A 2024 full of surprises for the fans

In conclusion 2024 is going to be great for Type Moon fans, on the gaming side and on the Manga,Anime and Movies side. Witch On The Holy Night is going to receive a Movie adaptation by Ufotable, we’re likely to get more info on the Fate/Strange Fake series soon, while several Manga Adaptation are continuing. There’s also the hope of seeing some news from Studio BB who’s working on Fate/Extra Record. The Remake of the 2010 PSP Game with new gameplay and powered by Unreal Engine, still in the works.